Tourist Attractions in Kwara State

Mungo park monument

About mungo park monument

Mungo Park Monument is located at Hill side, Along Niger Bridge, Gungu, Jebba, Kwara. Mungo Park is known as the one who discovered River Niger and this site was used to commemorate him. The monument stands proud and tall on a hill on an island encircled by the rushing powerful current of the River Niger. Erected in honor of the Mungo Park voyage which saw him trace the River Niger to its origins, it is a tourist center that attracts locals and foreigners alike to view and try to grasp the life of the famous explorer.

Owu waterfall

About owu fall

This is one of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in West-Africa. It is a perennial waterfall cascading from a height of about 120 meters to the base where it forms an ice-cold pool. It is surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation and beautiful landscape, which provides the site with a refreshing atmosphere. The water fall cascades 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky outcrops to a pool of ice cold water below which gives a beautiful landscape and offers visitors a refreshing atmosphere.

Imoleboja Rockshelter

About Imoleboja Rockshelter

A massive rock formation with natural architectural design, capable of accommodating about 100 people at a time. In the local dialect of the people it means ‘God has built a house’. It is found in Odo-Owa, Kwara state. The Rockshelter at various times served as a safety hide-out for local maidens protesting against their peers who engaged in pre-marital relations and become pregnant. It is a good site for picnic and monumental experience and culturally viewed by the people as a rock of refuge.

National Museum, Ilorin

About National Museum, Ilorin

Known to be the oldest museum in Nigeria, this is a museum reputed to have the highest collection of soapstone images in Africa. It is a choice destination for tourists and history researchers because it is a repository of ancient art works, cultural relics, and it provides an amazing view into the lives of the ancient Yoruba kingdom.

Kanji Lake National Park

About Kainji Lake National Park

Kainji Lake National Park is the first National Park in Nigeria, established by Degree 46 of 1979. Incidentally, part of the park is situated in Kwara State while the other part is situated in Niger State. The park is made of two contiguous sectors, Borgu and Zugur man sectors and Kwara State has more than half of the total area covered by the sector. This park is essentially for educational and tourist purposes. Located in Kaiama Area of Kwara State

other tourist centers

Esie Museum

This is the first Museum in Nigeria established in 1945.

It houses the largest collection of stone images discovered in 1775.

Located in Esie, in Irepodun LGA.

Olofa Palace

The Palace of Oloffa of Offa, situated very close to Oba’s market is a combination of ancient and modern architectural piece. The Palace remains one of the oldest building in Offa and houses the tombs of past Oloffa.

Adin and Black Soap Industry

The act of local production of soap and pomade is being demonstrated at this site where all the women and children do nothing else than the production of these materials with local technology.

Dada Pottery

Dada pottery workshop has a lot to show as one of the traditional occupations of women in Ilorin. It is one of the biggest traditional pottery factories still in existence in the country.

Located at Dad, Okelele Quarters in Ilorin.

Lord Lugard Office/Residence

Lord Lugard began his administrative presence from the coast and gradually moved to Lokoja, Gudu and Kaduna; eventually, established his indirect rule that made Nigeria a British Colony. Located at Gudu in Edu Local Government.

Alfa Alimi’s Mosque and Residence

Alfa Alimi was a Fulani Muslim Scholar who came from the north to preach in Ilorin. He built his mosque and residence as far back as 1831. The mosque was the first Juma’s Mosque in Ilorin. It is located behind Emir’s Palace in Ilorin

Agan Festival

The Agan festival starts with dancing and singing of spiritual songs. Prayers are offered for successful celebration, among other things. It is a colorful celebration.

Jebba Tourist Sites

Jebba is home to relics and monuments highlighting past interactions with Europeans and Colonial masters.These include the Mungo Park cenotaph, the wreckage of Mungo Park’s Ship while attempting to discover the course of River Niger, the historical cemetery, where some British railway men, who died in Jebba. Located at Dad, Okelele Quarters in Ilorin.